جنــگ ســایبری cyber war - How the world hears that America
جنــگ ســایبری cyber war
تاریخ : پنجشنبه 24 آذر 1390
American National Security Agency
National Security Agency, America has failed to important events such as accidents and repeated bombings against American embassies in Africa, the Indian nuclear test of North Korea's ballistic missile over Japan into the intercepts.

Nearly two hundred thousand American secret agent, spy satellites and large databases has enormous. The country also has a computer equipped with analysis software that intercepts every hundred thousand different kinds of data are examined. Hears permanent worldwide mobile telecommunications, fax, O. Mill Communications and Informatics as well as receive and analyze satellite imagery, field work in the United States National Security Agency (NSA) is.
The agency is headquartered in Fort Meade, hundreds of thousands of people in employment has not heard of these people in different centers in the United States Vaystgah stationed abroad to work, the National Security Agency, about 95% of communication around the world is under control. The huge volume of data by supercomputers with software analysis, studied carefully placed.
Internet, under the strict control
Undoubtedly people communicate on the Internet, is strictly controlled, it is quite possible the United States National Security Agency with respect to the content of the communication network, at any time to control them, as an American patriot homeland that all of our internet service provider that most of them American country to allow the National Security Agency, to control their customers' data.
This time the whisper can be heard constantly that the computer giant Microsoft has a close connection with the American National Security Agency, of course, within the framework of this cooperation and dialogue intercepted operation is performed. You just say, the American National Security Agency does not control the Internet, but nearly all American intelligence services intercepted on the Internet have their own control, the issue of CIA intelligence to even the Navy are included.
Ashlvn scandal
In September 1998, Parliament Shdydallhn in Europe, systematic surveillance of communications services in Europe Union countries by the United States were exposed and Azvashngtn formally asked to explain, this response has not been requested. Just before the Parliament of Europe, ie in the month of April, May and July of that year, three representatives of the French National Assembly in the name of George starlings, Rvnh Andre and Jean de Gaulle in France about a system of parliamentary questions were heard in the global information. Representatives from Europe say before Parliament Azantshar book by a New Zealand researcher, were not aware of the existence of such a system.
This book Hidden Power (Secret Power) has been named in 1996 by Nygy Hagrmntshr. In this book, Hagr partially hidden from the cooperation between Americans and British in the Treaty on the screen is Yvkvza. Other members of the treaty, Canada, Australia and New Zealand form. The press will be informed of this matter. International Kvryh week and then weekly Nouvel Jldshan Absrvatvr on the world record conversations of America account. French audio and video media, video, information Mnvys Hill Station in England, they play. To fear in France is governed. No phone calls, fax or email without thinking of the American National Security Agency is not established. Everyone to ask themselves: Do I Azklmat key newspapers wrote that, in my language I call? Internet users, or certain commercial director advertising agency asked themselves questions like these from.
Zdjasvsy Ashylvn network for intelligence and France is well known. Even the French special services in the framework of cooperation agreements between the intelligence services of Western, Ashlvn also have benefited from the services network.
The question here is that because Ashlvn system and why suddenly there was this so important? Contrary to popular belief, the answer is not very difficult. The United States created this system, in seeking to maintain its leadership and excellence in all areas of the world. France also Ashylvn system itself, would maintain its independence and sovereignty, the comparison should be added that the United States spends billions of dollars on space technology and also in France and the technical knowledge by a missile in space uses and, finally, that both countries want the world to sell their jets and Ghyrjngy. So both need to Ashlvn system.
I have an interview with French weekly Nouvel Absrvatvr Avdm William, the former chairman of American National Security Agency during President Ronald Reagan had. Avdm in this dialogue in response to accusations that the French against the Americans and their allies as they talk about, with obscenity and demeaning tone, says there is undoubtedly such an operation. Amakhvb what? Where is the scandal story? All the world are trying to espionage and the French ahead of you. But you have to hide yourself in a corner. We Baanglstan and CIS as well as contracts, instruments and facilities are considerable. You spend years and billions of dollars to try to reach our level.
Limitations of the American National Security Agency
American intelligence agencies are in possession of tools for technical, financial and extraordinary human being, I can not do things to see and hear. The superfluity of information, it is the careful examination, the number of very important information that massive American espionage remain concealed from view and hear the car is too low, so that the American intelligence men talk about deceptive they.
American National Security Agency has been unable to successive events and important events like the bombings of American embassies in Africa, the Indian nuclear test of North Korea's ballistic missile over Japan into the intercepts, and reasons for the is:
India all sensitive communication cables buried under the ground, had, North Korea's military Razyr underground factory, and a computer connected to the Internet in Africa is still much lower than the telephone.
In Fort Meade, analysts satellite images are quite a rage. Them with all their power, and especially with having the strongest and most efficient computers, it is very difficult to compete with humans in a field that is part of human existence, unable to have intelligence and acumen. They are realizing that man with all the tools of their performance and ultimately have a limited capacity. The most important performance danger that threatens national security agency, is caught in the trap of stereotypical and static. In Fort Meade, annually, thousands of paper pulp is. Wayne is not the whole story: the development of encryption tools and learning throughout the world, dramatically, the survey data is collected by the National Security Agency. Like all the world's intelligence services, the agency also large volumes of messages The decoding will not keep, which to this day hope to be able to decode these messages or the more advanced device that provision be made for this, but when the day came, and the messages I was decoded, the first letter is the speed at which today's global society, such information will not be more useless?
Exactly why is the American National Security Agency, without interruption, followed by the special program codes have to be encrypted. Even for this purpose, the National Security Agency to establish their own companies to compete in this market action has been encrypted machine. The Agency to achieve its goals in close relationships with manufacturers of mobile devices and satellite placed. National Security Agency's relations with the private sector, it is very warm and sincere. For example, everyone knows that the counseling office Bsyarmrvf "Andersen Cosutting" one of the allies, especially the private National Security Agency is America. Earlier this year, the contract between the agency and a consulting group that has been signed by the National Security Agency for advice in any one year, 13 / 8 million to the Consultative Group to learn.
National Security Agency encryption standard to surround himself in the United States, to form the tireless efforts and has to fight a lot, Mark Zimmer, a programmer has put pressure on software known as PGP. It is common that the American intelligence services working with this software the way they used to hear.

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