جنــگ ســایبری cyber war - "Meteor" Iran's cyber infrastructure, Israel and the American nightmare
جنــگ ســایبری cyber war

The recently released report by the Israeli authorities, that this is true, that Iran will not attack and missed the net Astaks later called Israel's Shin Bet internal security chief, serious efforts for cyber attacks on critical facilities The country said.

Years ago when brothers "Vachfsky" The first part of the Matrix trilogy, fiction, theater audiences the world with virtual characters fighting finger to the mouth, few think that will happen in the near future as part of the apocalyptic predictions.
But rapid advances in computer technology and the development process showed that the predictions about the future direction of how technology can be far from the truth.
Internet and network connections in the world of electronic global village close to reality, and while computers provide access to the most confidential.
This work is far from ideal in this new space Nyzntvanst some thoughts from some undesirable properties to the modern world and the cyber criminals, like their predecessors in the world to organize their own activities.
Important hack computers, steal personal information, financial information, and relocation ... Only a small fraction of the damage that was entered by the individual interests of different parties and insecurity will provide web space.
But other scenes in the virtual game, and it's cyber army to fight and protect the national interest. The battle is still in the beginning, and to determine its extent and consequences of the rules governing it is not clear.

* Note Astaks called a double-edged sword

The battle in cyberspace is not limited to the last few years, but always as part of a comprehensive strategy for crushing the enemy's defensive battles in the past two decades are used.
Applied experiences in the Persian Gulf War to disrupt the country's banking system and the mobile network and then hacked into the country to Iraqi commanders PO Mnzvratla of confidential conversations are part of this history.
Gradually in the Kosovo conflict in 1998 and the invasion of Iraq also used this strategy to be more evolved, although it is also more limited use in the form of persecution and also disrupt the operation was conducted in virtual media.
But the West did and deprived of the fruits of such technology in the first decade of the twenty-first century network Aynrnty West were attacked several times that of the Alb Zvry new powers like China were conducted.
The best known example of a cyber war today, "First Web War" was. This term is used to attack the Russian hackers in Yyyy against the media, banks and government institutions in Estonia began. The cause of the attack, move a Soviet war memorial to Russian anger was sparked by Astvnyha.

* Israel to plant viruses

Astaks offensive cyber weapons might first note that with a clear goal and a real destruction were used. Destroy Iran's nuclear program.
Earlier, the American newspaper New York Times in an article in the American effort to sabotage Iran's nuclear program George W. Bush to try all of the experimental methods to disrupt Iran's nuclear program revealed.
However, the fruits of the cyber attack to meet this goal is not so clear, but Israeli officials claim that the virus is able to disrupt the guidance system known as SCADA Siemens causes of failure and a delay of three months in a thousand centrifuges Bushehr power plant has been set up.
Former Chief of Staff Gen. Ashkenazi honored that even the Israeli army as one of its achievements in his farewell Mrasn provider.
Astaks notes secretly and by Israel's military intelligence unit and collaboration with the CIA in 8200, was built and was used as an instrument of aggression in a cyber warfare
Perhaps, according to Israeli officials Astaks notes could be causing disruption in Iran's nuclear program, but Iran is open to retaliation.

* Iranian Shahab are digital

Shahab series of missiles in the most difficult to defend Iran against any threat to the invasive arm of the United States and its regional ally Israel are considered.
But the main question is whether the Iranian Shahab hard power are present only in Iran and around the eye to the cyber world will be.
The recently released report by the Israeli authorities, that this is true, that the missed notes will not attack Iran Astaks.
Israel's Shin Bet internal security chief called Dyskyn Yvval that will later turn to Yvram Cohen, a serious effort to cyber attacks on vital installations in the country said.
This was the first time in a period of "cyber war" between the two bitter enemies in the Middle East, Israel and Iran, a senior Israeli security official has acknowledged that efforts to target key industries in the country towards foreigners has been a cyber attack.
Though no word was said about the damage of the attack, but perhaps in the realm of meteors hitting targets in Israel and America are ready to cyber.

* Vessels is vital that vulnerable

Dependence of various severe and unprecedented world military forces and installations vital to protect its computer networks and their users has become the main concern.
Guidance and control networks in a litter for any form of sabotage by the users of such networks means that the United States government has been considered.
United States Army Command of a network called the World Wide Web to control its forces throughout the world and uses the data transfer between their forces.
Any intrusion into the network can be severe and serious risks to the country's military forces to impose. Although information technology centers in the United States have emphasized the impervious nature of the network, but the Navy via email as a user of the claim proved.
Note also believe the United States Naval Academy has reiterated that Iran, Russia and China to invest considerable influence on cyber warfare and computer network are concentrated.
Perhaps yet unpublished report on the influence of these networks, but Americans can feel safe.

* American Electric Power is off

Among the many vulnerabilities in critical systems at different levels has been proven, is America's power grid.
American Electric Power Industry in the guidance and control systems in different conditions deteriorate over the same issue that has led to many losses.
In 1999, the American power grid, leading to disruption in power Fty Shygagv in cities including, New York and Washington. It was empty, according to Western experts never pay enough attention to this issue yet.
Conservation Commission of the United States in 1998 on the need for infrastructure investment in sufficient capacity to protect the safety of United States power grid is stressed.
Chinese hacker attacks to the American power grid is shown that such statements were clearly in a real forecasting and navigation systems and power control in the United States is vulnerable to hacker attacks.
If a potential conflict with Iran and the United States of America's electricity network will be vulnerable to several attacks that maybe America will experience major blackouts.

* EMP bombs a full-blown nightmare

Even if the United States and the Zionist regime to have the worst Amad cyber attacks, but attacks with bombs full EMP is a full-blown nightmare.
Electro Shock EMP bombs or the more scientific films - fiction, were now seen as a reality in the real world can be seen.
Some experts efficient than the systems currently being viewed with suspicion, but a significant investment in various countries About the use of these bombs is a sign of serious attention to this issue.
Workshop on Cyber ​​War United States Army in 2010, EMP bombs were classified as the most severe cyber threats.
An EMP bomb explosion in a de facto return to the eighteenth century and the failure of any electronic device is.
Melting core microprocessors and power outages are also other consequences of using such weapons. Substantial, though far from reliance on such weapons to Iran has been released, but according to Western intelligence agencies of Iran's attempts to access the suggest that such weapons.
Fox News Channel as a Times report noted that Iran has access to EMP weapons.
Iran might be able to use the weapon and throw it directly to the United States is not, but certainly any such attack Israel and American bases in the region would be a heavy blow to these forces.
"Moshe Word" Institute Begin - Sadat as the Cyber ​​Power's ability to limit Iran's cyber warfare in the sense that it is also very high and so we refrain from cyber warfare with Iran and Iran in this way we deceive.
Nothing seems to admit that recently, Israeli officials about Israel's attacks on vital installations is not only far from the truth but the truth is that the enemies of Iran.

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