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جنــگ ســایبری cyber war
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Directed Energy Weapons

These systems due to technological complexity, high costs in the design, construction and maintenance problems, particularly in the operational conditions such as desert or mountainous areas with many problems to face operational status. In the present paper is to give you part of the Soviet Union in the field of laser weapons will also be mentioned. I hope this article will be somewhat dear friends and readers with the truth and the nature of laser weapons and weapons capabilities and shortcomings of the familiar.

Direct Energy Weapons

The weapons that beam like a laser or microwave radiation or electromagnetic radiation to damage or destroy their targets.
Guided energy weapons (Directed Energy Weapons), (DEW), especially the high-energy laser weapons, the threshold to do if they are operational. High-power microwave radiation weapons have been less talk about this too can achieve operational status.
The ultimate intent of all weapons DEW radiation and electromagnetic strong enough to destroy or damage a target is. Two because the weapons are attractive to its potential users:
First the ability to target a target speed of light when compared with a bullet or missile can be spent to achieve your goal. With respect to the radar systems and optical systems and optical detection generally relies on The objectives are to identify and prosecute, so the use of these weapons can greatly reduce the time involved.
The second reason is a deep discussion with the magazine. Plain language, rocket launchers and machine guns or balls nodal auto magazine capacity are limited and the missile attack or bombardment of heavy firing on them too much empty magazine and the ammunition must be established. Reinvestment in munitions systems are capable of re-firing and are vulnerable to attack. A DEW, especially those who work with electrical energy from the less vulnerable they are. Another controversial issue is logistics. Smart bombs and guided missiles and munitions, and supplies needed to have a lot of time to produce the high volume of fire and the use of these weapons have been seen in recent wars, no country is not in the weapons high number of copies produced.
These are all good reasons to produce a series of DEW weapons and ignore their weaknesses such as low ability to penetrate clouds, rain, fog and dust, and other complexities of laser weapons, and damage to other electronic devices in electromagnetic weapons are.
According to the advertisements and information about these weapons in recent years done a lot of people think technology is too new to have these weapons. But the fact is that the history of science and technology in this key weapons in the 60s and even 40s to late returns. But that is changing the phase of growth and maturation can be used in actual operating conditions and behind the stage, is a technology test bed.


Star Wars




Early History of Laser Weapons

Microwave beam weapons, laser weapons before they were built before the technology reaches maturity and the public about the progress of the ball with names such as laser death rays or radiation weapons were known. Basic theories of history in this case goes back to the early twentieth century. The first successful experience in the maser ((MASER)), which was a laser-like microwave radiation returns. The first successful test and the maser in 1954 AD by Charz Tvvns Shavlv was Arthur. 4 years later they have their own theories about the spread of laser. Gvrdvm Gould by the first laser was built in 1958, although most of it is attributed to the Theodore Myamn 1960. Historic details aside, it is clear that the laser was about 50 years ago. The first lasers were able to make a hole in the metal surfaces in vitro, but did not have the ability to generate power for the main weapons. Lasers capable of damaging the human eye or military electro-sensors were completed over the years and the decades of 70 and 80 emerged as the operational equipment. These weapons, blinding laser weapons with which they are referred by human rights bodies as inhumane weapons capable Kvrkrdn always has its victims, has been criticized. The first known combat use of weapons by the British Royal Navy in the Falklands War was a laser vision system temporary Kvrknndh temporary blindness to the Argentine pilots who tried to bomb the English ships were in the low-altitude attacks has been.
This type of design and later by the Americans continued to design and build systems to disable enemy systems, electro-and anti-personnel led to a secondary role. One of the best known examples in this blinding weapons system was installed on the weapon and was used by Special Forces, United States of America.
Much more advanced systems designed to deal with the flak guided by electro-systems in the late Cold War, the American system, known as the Crown Prince was ALQ_179. در یک آزمایش از یک جنگنده F-4 فانتوم برای حمل این سیستم استفاده شد و زمانی که منبع نور سیستم اپتیکی توپ ضد هوایی کشف شد یک نور لیزر دو بخشی شامل دو نور سبز و فروسرخ را به منبع نور تابیده شد تا به صورت موقت و or the permanent shut down. The design of this infrared countermeasures systems guided by fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters today to blind or disrupt nodal infrared search on anti-aircraft missile launcher used in the shower is used. While it lacks power laser systems and applications have been the basis for most of the power needed to enhance the effectiveness of these projects were. While the introduction of the death ray capable of piercing a metal plate from a distance KM was involved in many research efforts in this area was done in the 1960s led to the design and construction of a new form of laser that are known in gas dynamic lasers or chemical lasers as well as their recently referred. This high-energy lasers as the laser gas medium to supersonic speed makes expansionary mode. The main problem from the perspective of a weapons manufacturer can efficiently convert low-energy laser weapons, which will calculate how many kW of laser power required to mobilize their forces in front of the laser must be produced, is a. If for example a laser beam to produce a force of over 100 kW, about 20 percent of this energy should be spent on cooling and energy if it was not an insurmountable problem facing our was. The crystal and gas lasers had a good effect and simply were not suitable for weapons. The theory underlying dynamic and chemical lasers in 1962 there was a gas dynamic laser and the laser power of 135 kW with carbon dioxide, the researchers first tested Vkv Everett in America since 1966. The generation of lasers with the United States and the former Soviet Union-wide research efforts in creating an effective plan of action began.
In order to investigate problems in such lasers on aircraft carriers as well as supporting the development of technologies in this sector, such as tracking and targeting system, movable turret and associated optics and mirrors, Air Force, United States of America 1976 Airborne Laser Laboratory (ALL) can be enabled. According to the press in 1979 in what was ALL about the laser in a test period of 8 seconds, the laser power 456 kW, and in other experiments with a laser optics system, targeting initial production of 380 kW was. ALL program continued for 11 years and during experiments in which five AIM-9 missiles and unmanned BQM-34A, a bird known as fiery bees were destroyed to reach the peak.

ALL projects

Aligned with the Soviet Air Force Airborne Laser Laboratory of America A-60 program by the two companies and Bryv Lmaz ability to display an airborne laser system to provide the knowledge needed to launch an operational weapon. The first two A-60 was built in 1981 and won the second flight in 1991. More information from open sources of information available in Russian progress and achievements of the project is not accurate. All these sources of non-moving waves guided by a turret mounted on the nose is different from the system installed on a modified NKC-135A aircraft, air shows are ALL America related projects. This is exactly what type of laser used in the A-60 program is not specified, but the company's efforts in the field of lasers Lmaz Dynamk of CO2 gas with a moving ground-based defense system to the point, it can be concluded The system of this type of laser is used. The fuselage trailing a chemical laser and the laser output for the gas dynamics is considered. America America by the Naval Air Force's efforts to seek a laser weapon to destroy anti-ship cruise missiles had been looking for. America's favorite laser Navy, unlike carbon dioxide laser, deuterium fluoride laser was the Air Force. Advanced laser and infrared laser radiation guiding turret Sealilte company built and tested to demonstrate the technology. The results of testing a system that was released on a metal plate into the cylinder and compressed to an associate of a ballistic missile was carried out with the laser penetrates into the cylinder exploded. Other lesser known but highly successful system to the Russians at the end of the Cold War on a mobile laser defense system to defend against Soviet ground forces and air bases to NATO planes were attacking. This project was undertaken by the company Lmaz based on gas lasers and dynamics of carbon dioxide similar to ALL Air Force United States of America and as far in advance that the Pentagon's latest annual report on Soviet military strength of the named was. Lmaz in your company's website from the system while on a killer nicknamed MAZ_7910 8 * 8 model rocket if the launch vehicle Askad Kashhalvt as well known, has been published. Interestingly angry reaction to the Russian expert said an American defense contractor in America praised the progress in the field of laser weapons. The experts claim that 20 years ago, have reached similar conclusions.

Laser Tank

Tactical high energy laser program ((THEL)) that America was led by the United States Army, during the experiments between 2000 and 2004 the value of a company in Lmaz point laser defense system with high mobility proved . THEL system is a proven system with a deuterium fluoride laser on the big and heavy and there was nothing more than an evolutionary dead end. This new laser system that is activated by electricity, and chemical lasers, solid lasers that of oxygen by the Air Force Weapons Laboratory, America was built in 1977 and is now on anti-ballistic missile system YAL-1A Airborne Laser Use can benefit.
Laser weapons in order to study the time course of becoming a growing opinion that there were the days of the operational arms of the study is good. In this case, individual weapons and combat aircraft also applies. For nearly half a century of flight by the Wright Brothers took to the B-52 bombers is that we serve today. Air-launched missiles, guided first by the Germans in the 40th century was about half a century and lasted until the missiles to reach an acceptable accuracy and destructive power is still heated debate among experts about the missiles are underway. Since the advent of smart bombs in the 40s to the 90s came the time they reach puberty.

Laser Weapon

The deeper truth is that this military technology to rely on technology support and technology to work as long as its not the system can not do. It seems that this fact greatly in the defense bureaucracy and Kaghzbazy West has been forgotten. Most of the greatest failures in the past decade it has been the defense. In the past Nchndan away thinking there was on this basis that can be immature and not completed by the systems and technologies will enable the core systems. It seems that the technology can be stripped and made a complete weapons system of bureaucracy is an unusual Zr system. While the history of science and technology progress in the field exactly as good as the DEW weapons that can be concluded that from a scientific idea to an operational reality can be the decades.

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